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The Eye Creatures

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The Eye Creatures

Published 1965

The Eye Creatures (also known as Attack of the Eye Creatures, or Attack of the the Eye Creatures from a production error) is a 1965 science-fiction film about an invasion of an unnamed American countryside by a flying saucer and its silent, shambling alien occupants. While the military ineptly attempts to stop the invasion, a group of young people, whose reports to the local police are dismissed as pranks or wild imagination, struggle to defend themselves against the menacing monsters.

Sound and video quality is fairly poor as this came from a very old video tape.

Run time 75 mins
Producer Larry Buchanan
Audio/Visual sound, Black and White
Language English
Contact Information


John Ashley...Stan Kenyon
Cynthia Hull...Susan Rogers
Warren Hammack...Lt. Robertson
Chet Davis...Mike Lawrence
Bill Peck...Carl Fenton

Directed by
Larry Buchanan

Paul W. Fairman
Robert J. Gurney Jr.
Al Martin

Produced by
Larry Buchanan
Edwin Tobolowsky

James A. Sullivan....production manager
Hillman Taylor....second unit director
Bruce Shearin....sound supervisor
Melvin Clark...key grip
Ted Liles operator


Reviewer: B.Man - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 25, 2010
Subject: correct address for nice color version
Hi fellow b movie lovers,im posting here for the sole purpose of giving you all the proper address to a better and color version of this great old horrible movie. the other posters link didnt work for me which gave me the idea to go to wikipedia about this movie and walla!there was this link and it works!as of today 4/24/ for the movie,this is a great old drive in type movie,i personally enjoy all these types of movies,and really very badly miss going to the drive ins on the weekends back in the good old days.thank god these movies were bad else we wouldnt have had the fun with our dates on those those days these movies were like background effects to the fun times we had at the great old drive ins.there are still a few drive ins left in our state but few and far between.these need to come back!!great for everyone!!real fun,fresh air!exersise in more ways than one!happy watching,and ill keep an [eye]out for you!B.Man
Reviewer: guyzilla - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 18, 2009
Subject: HOW ABOUT COLOR????
Judging by the thumbnails, this particular print is black and white. I could put up a color print if anyone's interesred. This must be one of those bw 16mm print that some tv stations used decades ago when a color print was so much more expensive to get so that would likely be something of a collectors item these days.
Reviewer: Laraine_Lynn - - October 16, 2009
Subject: Color version is at...
Reviewer: billbarstad - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 15, 2009
Subject: Tasty piece of cheese
This is one of the best comedies here at IA Feature Films. Guyzilla, please do upload a color version, and at a better resolution than this copy.
Reviewer: thingmaker - - April 12, 2009
Subject: Color! Please!
I love this movie... I haven't watched this version because I am waiting for someone to post a color copy.

It is a really poorly rewritten version of the (already poor) screenplay from "Invasion of the Saucer Men). The acting is even worse than in the original and the effects are just staggeringly bad. This film contains what may be the worst day-for-night shooting in history - and, in the field of horror and SF, the competition is pretty stiff. Honestly, there is nothing good or even competent about this movie except... The monsters.
The monster suits are these blobby white shapes suggesting a figure made of bleached intestines or giant pustules (!!Or, maybe, a conglomeration of white eyeballs!!!) with a huge gaping maw which looks big enough to swallow your head! OK! Sounds kinda scary! But, bizzarrely enough, there are long sequences in which you can clearly see that several of the monsters are wearing black tights with just the monster head on. There are full body suits used elsewhere in the film, but apparently they weren't available for key scenes and they just went ahead and shot with what they had... The effect is wonderfully bad.
Reviewer: katpooh9 - favoritefavoritefavorite - February 27, 2009
Subject: So bad it's good
I give it 3 stars for the sheer corn. It's excellent for pajama parties! That leading female's hair-do is soooooo ugly! It looks like something sat on her head, then got up but the butt remained to firmly grip the girl's head to slowly leach her brain out. I almost expected this movie to have a double plot because of it.
Reviewer: FP - favoritefavorite - December 17, 2008
Subject: Interesting for reasons other than its quality

The Eye Creatures (1965)
Larry Buchanan, a Texas-based schlock filmmaker, was contracted in the 1960s by American International Pictures to produce and direct several features that the company could release directly to the seemingly bottomless pit of television. AIP gave him free reign to plagiarize their past properties, and The Eye Creatures is what happened when Larry decided to remake Invasion of the Saucer Men (1957). Despite the fact that entire scenes are copied word for word from Invasion, this version possesses none of the charm, humor or fun of the original. Instead, we get a 30-year-old John Ashley playing a teenager, a supporting cast of non-actors, static (non)direction, inconsistent day-for-night photography (black night sky alternating with shots of blue noonday sky in the same scene), and, worst of all, ridiculous, pitiful, ineffectual monsters. The original Saucermen, with their huge bulbous heads, bug-eyes and leathery, veined skin, are an icon of "50s monster movies. The Eye Creatures look like the Michelin Tire Man on acid doing a bad Frankenstein's Monster imitation. The scene in which they weakly try to get into a car with a crowbar is simply pitiful. And 'pitiful' is the operative word for this entire tired mess. Watch Invasion of the Saucer Men again instead.

Films by Buchanan in the series of color remakes of B&W AIP "classics" for TV syndication include ZONTAR-THING FROM VENUS and CURSE OF THE SWAMP CREATURE, among others. They're all good, rancid fun to watch.
Reviewer: bad movie - favorite - December 16, 2008
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